#Event #Heroes War 2013.08.21 Ladder Battles added!
Fight your way to the top!
Now's the chance to show off your heroic skills in Ladder Battles and get awesome rewards!

From october 4 to october 10

participate in Ladder Battles by going to [PvP]->[Ladder]. 
Receive rewards by moving up on the rankings and showing everyone who's on top!

You'll get different rewards according to your ranking when the Ladder Battle ends.

- Myth: 500 Neostones / 5000 Medals
- Legend: 300 Neostones / 5000 Medals
- Hero: 50 Neostones / 5000 Medals
- Slayer: 4000 Medals
- Conqueror: 3000 Medals
- Ruler: 2000 Medals
- Outlaw: 1000 Medals
- Challenger: 1000 Medals

Event items will be distributed according to your ranking when the Ladder Battle ends. 
(Items are scheduled to be sent on oct. 13)

- What's a Medal?
You can get Medals by winning more than 3 Ladder Battles in a row. Use the Medals to draw materials for crafting runestone!

If you own the maximum number of Medals, your reward will change to a Match-up Battle reward.